September 2012.
In one of his investigations, The Trickster started to research Carl Gustav Jung’s Red Book or Liber Novus by simple curiosity. He also found information about the collective unconscious, active imagination, ancient Greek alphabet, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, the usage of narcotic drugs, and its relationship. But foremost what started all this experience, was an article about cannabis as an enhancer of psychosis (in people who will turn psychotic at one point in their lives -not because of the use of drugs- but the action of the enhancer itself).
Among all the experiences that he lived so far, he thought for a few moments, that all of these callings could be just fantasy; all of these symbols and synchronization, maybe not even be a product of reality per se, maybe it’s not even a product of one’s voluntary conscience. But he was completely convinced and knew, that it was the path of searching for the inner Self, either through psychonautics, psychedelic experiences, and the crossing of intellectual limits.

Some phrases and quotes related to Jung’s Red Book say:

“The years… when I pursued the inner images, were the most important time of my life. Everything else is to be derived from this. It began at that time, and the later details hardly matter anymore. My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded me like an enigmatic stream and threatened to break me. That was the stuff and material for more than only one life. Everything later was merely the outer classification, scientific elaboration, and the integration into life. But the numinous beginning, which contained everything, was then.”

“Jung referred to the episode as a kind of experiment, a voluntary confrontation with the unconscious.”

“… other figures of my fantasies brought home to me the crucial insight that there are things in the psyche which I do not produce, but which produce themselves and have their own life.”

Carl Jung - Illustration From The Red Book

It was the set of information that leads him to a certain mental limit and didn’t know whether to break it or not. Probably the creative process is a kind of psychosis per se. He could feel how he reached a top, which he could choose to break easily. And it could be defined as the confrontation with the unconscious. It is very difficult to describe the thought and feeling that produces, that mental action of accepting that something is about to explode or come out, and you just have to let go.

He was able to identify how in his head, he heard as if someone was opening a “gift package” which had abundant cellophane plastic wrap, which makes a lot of noise when you open it. It lasted a few seconds until “the box” was finally opened, and the sounds of a giant balloon, which began to inflate inside, breaking everything due to the large volume it was acquiring. It was a kind of introduction of a great amount of information/ether, in which he could hear crystals or glass breaking as this balloon inflated and devastated everything in its path. This ended with the explosion of the balloon and the sound that it entails.

A black butterfly that was flying nearby, rested on his arm. Butterflies are said to help and carry part of your energy, for you to initiate a process of personal transmutation. Then he felt that he was “ready”, and heard within himself a person that laughed, affirming with a “Yes” and a small sarcastic laugh. He felt that this moment had to pass a long time ago, accepting that this reality was perhaps a dream, that we are a by-product of something bigger and more elaborated; having an acceptance to that new information, which had been escaping all the time.

This wave of information coming from the unconscious needed to be born. Attempting on many occasions and for so many years, to destroy his psyche, dividing him into two people. The Trickster brought together and recreated the original experience, which became the ‘Intro’ of the ‘Rite of Passage’ album.

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