The visioning, the discovery, the acknowledgment with the beauty of being one, embracing the eternal cosmos…


On July 25th, 2010, The Trickster was listening and watching Dead Can Dance’ live concert Toward The Within, leading him into the unknown, a trance. A journey, deep into himself, liberated from material existence which was perceived only as small strands of scattered thoughts.

A profound and inspiring experience, of a revolutionary message of understanding, in perfect symmetry with the Universe: who you are. A reunion with the real self and the meaning of life, death, the infinite and God.

Dead Can Dance’ music is known for healing, to enter into your spirit and reconnect with your higher self, and so it did.

Dead Can Dance - Toward The Within

Once the show started with the applauses, and with the entry of the first song, he had the feeling that the music was alive, with every sound that came through his ears and transforming into information to the brain. He seemed to understand every message they wanted to interpret. An enormous weight was felt in his eyes, he had to close them and let himself be carried away. The rumbling of the drums incites you to go into the trance, to feel your body, to feel your vibration as if that is the song that should be the introduction. At one point he felt he was going to die.

As he wrote down his thoughts on a piece of paper, he felt he was just tied to this world by small threads of information and began to understand the meaning of certain things: recognize the ability to create the world by what you think and imagine.

You choose your own manifestation in a container known as the body, to live this beautiful experience called life.

Human Vibration

He understood the meaning of vibration -which is how we connect with everything- since we live in a membrane called the Universe. Founding himself resonating with the source of the whole, perceiving how the Cosmos dreams us all.

The very source of information recorded in the infinite unknown, learning and feeding on itself and in all its branches of life experiences. Unknown by language, but understood by vibration. The very meaning of knowing what you are doing, what you have to do, who you are: the cessation of thoughts.

The key to the secrets of the Universe.

Suddenly and as he followed the music, he assimilated it as a two-way dual kind of mirror. To understand it, you have to give yourself to it, to feel that vibration so that it can lead to a message; strangely he was the music, the music was him. They were one. He felt incomparable happiness, stimulated by a successful understanding, and “it” was also happy to recognize him. He traveled through a resonant tuning where the present, past, and future were eternal and a single unit.

For once, he was one: the opening of the third eye. I am my creator, I dream everything. I am the creation, to live in all. To live a destiny conceived by my creation, to teach me, keep me growing as if we were a plant that seeks to emerge from its seed, buried deep in the darkness of the earth, into the light.

To collect the messages left in each one of us, by our true self, but forgotten by who we are in this dimensional barrier. So that one day we could join the pieces and transcend as a single species, to the next stage of evolution: the cosmic humanity. The human being who loves the infinite, as above so below, as within so without…

Net of Being

Net of Being. Alex Grey.

To die… The information collected by you will become part of the whole; and the dust of the body you give up in this life will do the same in its dimension. For a few seconds The Trickster felt disconnected from this life, for almost eternal seconds he felt the dust he would leave and the new life he would start, and this time, what or who did he want to be? But, can this dust be life? Can musical instruments be formed? May dead can dance?

The creation of life was so perfect that the creator’s dream became independent of itself. The dream evolved so much that it would live on its own. And here he understood that our original creator is in all of us. Now we are all creators at a lower level of ability. Or is it that our environment has never taught us to create, and they constantly limit us with everything they teach us to be, think, and believe.

Later, The Trickster finally returned to the person sitting in the chair, the starting point, realizing he was no longer the same. He exchanged paths on a different timeline with a different self, in the infinite branches of existence.

The very seed of what would become ESSENTH was born… The very need to express oneself and thus the basis of Spectrophobia was conceived.


The concept first began with a descriptive text of the experience which would become the lyrics of Spectrophobia. The music came later, which was meant to suit the process itself.

Trickster Spectro Sketch

The Trickster made an initial draft of the graphic script.

Consisting of 24 pages divided into 4 sections each, which contains a lot of sequenced information and images, intended to express and somehow represent that surreal experience.

A redefined storyboard was worked years later with The Pilgrim, which was the last sketch for the video itself. A timed 30-page booklet, standardized to a much simpler but powerful concept.

Pilgrim Spectro Sketch

Then came the visual animation, giving life to the whole conceptual process.

Spectrophobia Video Thumbnails

The video is based on a surreal animation to express the desired concept. But a realistic visualization of one of the moments of that personal journey was placed on the video between 3:30 and 3:37, expressing the passage into the secrets of the Universe.

Spectrophobia Deep Journey


Music, Lyrics, Director
The Trickster

Concept Art, Storyboard
The Pilgrim

Visual Animation
Hades And Persephone

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